We, Silvija and Arvis - beekeepers from Cēsis district Kaive parish. We always emphasize that we live in Vecpiebalga, because - Who doesn't know Vecpiebalga?


We started our business when we were expecting our first child in 2014. That was the moment when we realised that we had no desire to return to Rīga, where we worked before. We can't say that we 100% wanted to stay in the countryside, but we did and here we are. We started slowly, with two captured wild bee swarms, and year by year we increased the number of bee colonies, and now we have more than 50. My husband is a handyman, he worked for many years in road construction and quarrying, and he understands that we cannot rely on agriculture alone, so we are gradually expanding our fleet of construction vehicles and providing services also in such areas as freight transport and excavator services.

Bees and honey:

Bees are the insects, or as we say, our fly-animals, from which we can take more than from other livestock farmed in the near and far surroundings. We started with honey - pure, clear, golden and sweet. We offer for purchase regular honey, creamed honey, creamed honey mixes, pollen, bee bread, wax candles, honey soap and propolis. And that's not all, because there are many more possibilities still in development. 

Our values:

Our wish for everyone is to always go ahead and be fearless! We cannot say out loud that we have been very fearless ourselves, because we have developed the farm slowly and gradually, but with great care. We like that we can call ourselves a Family farm. We have 3 generations working on our farm. We work and we are together everywhere. If you ask our children, they would probably say that they have been bored of everything for a long time, but at the same time we are pleased that they know everything about our farm - they know all the jobs, what needs to be done and why. Arvis and I believe that it is very important to teach children to love what they do. We believe that together everything will work out successfully. Mutual support is the key.